Our Environment

Your cat will love their stay amongst our environment at Felinee Cattery!

Felinee Cattery is situated on 7.5 acres, 5 acres is untouched virgin bush for the wildlife. Our guests will be able to watch wallabies hopping by, the occasional koala eating gum leaves high up in the many trees in the valley. Birds of all variety are also plentiful. Although we are only 4 minutes from the highway the only sound comes from nature and classical music softly playing in the background.

At Felinee we care about the future of the wildlife and their habitat. As much as possible we try to work to lessen the impact on our environment.

The products we use are as much as possible environmentally friendly. We use Tri Natures products – Sphagnum Moss which is a naturally activated herbal disinfectant concentrate hospital grade and Supre, which is a multi purpose cleaning concentrate for cleaning. We only use natural products in the Cattery as cats, especially the exotics are more sensitive to harsh detergents, disinfectants and cleaning concentrates.